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Development of a quoting and Estimate management


Our client is an industrial company that manufactures and installs structures for heavy industry using synthetic materials.
They provide customized installations to their clients, covering a very broad and diversified range.
Before securing orders, they are required to prepare quotations, which serve, among other things, to estimate the cost of the product and service.
The quoting process needs to be as fast as possible while also being as accurate as possible: a price that is too high may result in losing the order, while a low price may impact the profitability of the business.


Automate and standardize as many tasks as possible to save time and enhance reliability.
Make information shared and accessible at any time with access management.
Implement a system that allows for easy and quick creation of a quotation and duplication of an existing quotation.
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Calcul Excel VBA et chiffrage


The cost calculations involve highly complex formulas that rely on geometric calculations. Additionally, they depend on multiple parameters.

Our custom VBA solution

  • Multi-user software: Excel database hosted on the server with client interfaces.
  • Calculation system using more than 250 geometric calculation tables, very fast, using data dictionaries.
  • Smart forms with fields that change according to the type of installation to be quoted.
  • Various configuration options in Admin mode.
  • Export the quotation in Word or PDF format.