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Using Excel VBA in industrial management

The use of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in Microsoft Excel can be highly beneficial for automating industrial management tasks, which can enhance productivity and profitability for the company. Here are some examples of how VBA development can assist in industrial management:


  1. Automation of repetitive tasks: VBA development can automate repetitive tasks such as data copying, spreadsheet formatting, and chart creation, among others.

  2. Data analysis: VBA development can be used to create macros that assist in analyzing industrial data, such as production, costs, timelines, etc.

  3. Performance tracking: VBA development can be employed to monitor the company’s performance by creating interactive dashboards and conducting real-time data analysis.

  4. Inventory management: VBA development can be used to manage the company’s inventory by creating macros to track stock levels, orders, and deliveries.

  5. Quality control: VBA development can be utilized for product quality control by automating testing processes and creating macros to monitor results.

Example of creating a stock management application


* Our client is a construction and public works (BTP) company.
They need to manage the stock of consumables, PDRs, engines and accessories.
* This company manages multiple construction sites simultaneously. They want to track the allocation of consumption by project and also by analytical center.
* All inventory input or output transactions should trigger automatic alert emails.
* Consequently, they need to manage replenishment. Therefore, they require a system that suggests procurement needs.


* Have an easy-to-use inventory management application that allows for smooth input and output transactions while ensuring stock traceability and reliability.
* Make information shared and accessible at all times with access management.
* Implement an email alert system based on Outlook. This system should be customizable.
Gestione Industriale VBA Excel

Our inventory management solution

  • Multi-user software: Excel database hosted on the server with client interfaces.
  • Forms containing exactly what is needed (no unnecessary options).
  • Price history management.
  • Multiple exports of work documents (Delivery note, Invoice, Purchase request, etc.).
  • Cost allocation analysis by project, by analytical center, by product family.