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Development of a statistics statistics automation tool


*The end client is a multinational banking corporation with subsidiaries in 71 countries, approximately two hundred thousand employees, and a vast amount of data to process.
*Communication between the various subsidiaries is facilitated through video conferencing technology.
*The central management desires to obtain statistics regarding the utilization of this technology across different subsidiaries and for each employee.
*The starting point consists of raw data contained within Call Details Record extractions in the form of .txt files.


* Before these raw data can be used, they need to be enriched based on matching rules.
* The number of lines to process is enormous, so the solution needs to be optimized to mitigate the risk of crashes.
Sviluppo di Excel VBA e elaborazione dati

Our solution :

An Excel development that provides the following features:
* Check the source file and eliminate non-significant records (Filter).
* Enhance raw data by implementing optimized matching algorithms.
* Process the data and generate various custom statistics and dashboards.