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Supporting the Real Estate Sector in Digital Transformation

The real estate sector stands among the most crucial economic pillars, involving various stakeholders such as developers, construction companies, project owners (MOA), rental agencies, and numerous other secondary players. Each of these stakeholders manages specific processes, highlighting the definite need for specialized tools to streamline management. We were honored to assist these diverse stakeholders in their digital transformation:

Exemple 1 :
The End Client is a company specializing in architecture and project management


Our partner supports its clients in their home construction projects from the initial sketch to delivery.

For each project, the company compiles a set of work packages to be carried out. Each package contains one or more services and materials. Our client sends these packages to construction companies and suppliers to obtain quotations.


Developing an Excel VBA system to automate the process of defining work packages and selecting service providers.
Architecture et VBA expertise

Tool description:

The system allows:

1- Generate work packages based on a template.

2- Export Bills of Quantities to send to service providers.

3- Import filled Bills of Quantities from service providers.

4- A dashboard (Decision Support) table for analyzing the results.

Example 2:
The end client is an international real estate developer and manager


Among its activities, our client manages the rental of apartments for students and interns across France. They oversee a portfolio of thousands of apartments available for rent.


Developing an Excel VBA database to manage all the data and provide real-time insights into the history and current status of each apartment.

Tool description:

1- Multi-user access with an Excel database stored on a server and an Excel VBA interface on each user's desktop.

2- Access management capabilities

3- Management of the housing, candidates, and guarantors database

4- Assignment of candidates to housing and tracking the history of each residence

5- Overall activity dashboard

6- Various specific functionalities requested by the client