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Development of an industrial process control management tool

Context and objective

Our client is an inspection and engineering bureau.
Their role is to ensure that an industrial treatment process complies with the standards.
To achieve this, they have checklists for each type of treatment.
They need to centralize all the checklists into a single tool and be able to record certain noteworthy information from each inspection sheet in a database.


The database is unique, but the templates are completely different.
The client wishes to be able to modify an existing treatment inspection sheet from the BDD.
The client wants to be able to export the result of a process audit as a PowerPoint presentation (multiple PPT templates based on the type of treatment).
Excel VBA industriale

Our management solution

Un Excel development that provides the following management features:

  • An Excel file containing all the templates that can only be edited in Admin mode.
  • Utilize correspondence tables to connect a treatment sheet to the database.
  • Use a correspondence table to configure the data export from Excel to the PPT template.
  • File protection in terms of structure (preventing the insertion, renaming, or manual deletion of sheets) to ensure file integrity.
  • User-specific files and a master file for consolidating all the work.
  • Several customized functionalities for each type of treatment.