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Development of a quality control application


* Our client is an industrial company that manufactures technical parts through plastic injection (automotive industry).
* For this type of activity, quality is of utmost importance.
* They want a tool to implement a continuous improvement policy and the goal of zero defects.

Objective of a quality control application

* To have a computer tool for entering the results of process and finished product control.
*The tool should allow for analyzing the causes of rejects, initiating action plans in response to major causes, and tracking their effectiveness.
* Capability to generate a monthly summary report.
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Our solution

An Excel development that provides the following features:

  • Enter the number of defective parts by type of defect for each Work Order (OF). Defects are automatically preloaded by selecting a finished product.
  • Visualize the results on a Pareto chart and record the OF summary in a database.
  • Ability to create an action plan and assign it to a failure cause.
  • Generate graphs showing the effect of closed actions on the occurrence frequency of defects.
  • Generate Pareto charts summarizing by item and by type of defect.
  • Generate a summary report of the TOP 5 defects (monthly, quarterly, and annually).