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Enhance your expertise in Excel VBA with our Level 2 training!

Master the creation of custom solutions for advanced tasks, effortlessly handle massive datasets, and pave the way for exciting professional opportunities in various sectors. Join our Level 2 Excel VBA training program to become an expert in automation and data management, propelling your career to new heights.

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About the Excel VBA Level 2 Program
Develop Advanced Solutions to Optimize Your Processes
Advanced Manipulation of Data and Numeric Tables
Optimization of Complex Sorting and Filtering Queries in VBA
Automation of External Applications with Excel VBA
Advanced Customization of Charts and Objects in VBA
Complete Automation of File and Form Management
Optimization of Collections and Data Dictionaries for Efficient Management
Development of a Comprehensive Invoicing Tool
The details of the Excel VBA Level 2 training

• Advanced use of arrays to store and manipulate complex sets of numerical data

• Application of advanced mathematical functions for in-depth analysis of numerical data

  • Crafting sophisticated queries to sort and filter complex datasets based on specific criteria
  • Optimizing sorting and filtering algorithms for optimal performance when handling large amounts of data
  • Advanced integration of Word, PowerPoint, and PDF functionalities with Excel VBA to automate complex inter-application tasks
  • Precise control of external applications using Excel VBA scripts for efficient and seamless data and process management.

• Advanced customization of charts for precise and appealing data visualization using Excel VBA scripts
• Manipulation of various objects, such as shapes and images, to enhance overall presentation and user experience

  • Complete automation of file management operations, including creation, copying, moving, and deletion of files through Excel VBA scripts
  • Advanced management of file properties for optimal organization and enhanced data security
  • In-depth use of validation controls to ensure the integrity of user-entered data in Excel VBA forms
  • Connecting to external databases for advanced real-time data management and manipulation for in-depth analysis
  • Advanced use of collections and data dictionaries for efficient management of complex and heterogeneous datasets 
  • Optimization of operations on collections and dictionaries for maximum performance and efficient data manipulation using Excel VBA.
  • Application pratique des compétences acquises pour concevoir et développer un outil de facturation complet et automatisé en utilisant VBA Excel pour une gestion efficace des processus de facturation et des données associées.