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Reporting Automation

In today’s industrial world, where deadlines are increasingly tight and quality requirements are higher than ever, it becomes crucial for companies to streamline their internal processes.

Our client, a global leader in the manufacturing of printed circuits and technical parts, has tackled this challenge by automating the supplier selection process.
This automation not only optimizes time but also ensures unmatched precision and objectivity in evaluating suppliers’ technical capabilities.

Streamline Supplier Selection with Automation

The main objective of this automation is to generate a detailed comparative report in Word and PowerPoint format, enabling the client to make informed decisions regarding supplier selection
This process breaks down into several key stages, starting from the initial project evaluation to the generation of the final report.

Project Evaluation

  • Storage of Technical Constraints
The technical constraints of the project are crucial for evaluating the complexity and specific requirements of the tasks to be performed. These constraints are stored in an XML file generated by specialized business software. This file format enables structured and standardized management of technical information, thus facilitating their manipulation and analysis.
    • Information Acquisition and Complexity Assessment
    • Using a VBA script, information stored in the XML file is automatically acquired. This script conducts a thorough data analysis to calculate the project’s complexity level. Calculation tables in Excel format play a crucial role in this stage, providing accurate references and standardized formulas to evaluate the various dimensions of technical complexity.

Supplier Score Calculation (Scoring)

Once the project complexity level is determined, the next step involves evaluating potential suppliers based on their ability to meet technical requirements. A dedicated VBA script is used to assign scores to each supplier.

These scores reflect their ability to successfully execute the project, taking into account various factors such as their experience, equipment, and specific technical skills.

Capable Suppliers List: Generating Ordered List

Based on the assigned scores, the tool generates an ordered list of suppliers capable of successfully completing the project. This list is sorted by rank and capability score, providing a clear and hierarchical view of available options. This prioritization enables the client to confidently select the best suppliers, relying on objective and quantifiable criteria.

Selection Report: Presentation in Word and PowerPoint Format

The supplier selection report is professionally presented in Word and PowerPoint formats. These file formats are chosen for their popularity and ease of use, enabling clear and effective communication of the results.
In addition, an Excel file detailing the calculations is also generated, providing full transparency on the evaluation process and the scores obtained by each supplier.

Impact of Automation: Time Savings and Increased Efficiency

Automating this process allows the client to save 90% of their time compared to a manual evaluation. With a single click, a professional and detailed report is generated, eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks.
This increased efficiency allows the client to focus on more strategic aspects of their business while benefiting from a precise and reliable evaluation of suppliers.


The automation of the supplier selection process, implemented by our client, demonstrates how the integration of advanced technologies and custom scripts can transform complex tasks into simple and swift operations.
This innovative approach not only reduces processing time but also enhances the accuracy and objectivity of decision-making. For companies looking to optimize their internal processes, this solution serves as a model to follow.
If you have a complex and time-consuming reporting system to automate, do not hesitate to contact us.

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